Redish Chapter 1 – Make it easy and they will come

Redish Chapter 1 – Make it easy and they will come
The Internet recently celebrated its 20th birthday with the relaunch of the first web page In 1993, web content was static, much like a filing cabinet. Access was gained from a wired, stationary position. The equipment was expensive and bulky. People who were using the Internet were typically researchers and government employees.

Fast forward to today and we see an entirely different world. Information is accessible from any point on the globe, and beyond (such as from a jet flying overhead). Devices are getting smaller and more portable. Greater amounts of information have contributed to a rich environment of possibilities, but it has also caused an information overload. As a result, people no longer have the time to spend perusing a lengthy website. Instead, information needs to be short, accurate and readily available.

The point of the first chapter of Ginny Redish’s book is to understand the need for a good conversation with the people who visit the website. A conversation involves two parties. It is an active process. It requires effort by engaging with your visitors. In addition,Redish reminds us to engage with all types of visitors. Everyone has access to products and information when a website meets accessibility standards.


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