Redish Chapter 3: New Designer versus a Mature Designer

I read chapter 3 with a bit of amusement. It brought back memories of my days in a hospital marketing department. My responsibilities were to create the print materials for the hospital’s marketing department. Included in that was an internal newsletter. Keep in mind youth, energy, ambition and an over-zealous desire to impress the hospital staff. I’m sure you can imagine what the first issue looked like that hit my marketing director’s desk for edit. The only that was missing was Comic Sans font. Otherwise, I think I incorporated just about every color, font size, type and every other mistake an over-creative new designer could find. Fortunately, my director was kind and patient. She instructed me in how to design effective and clean pieces.

Fast forward to a position in the IT department at a mid-west university. I was the technical communicator tasked with designing, developing and implementing a website for the Lotus Notes email system. Fortunately for me, I understood the concepts of color, space and typography. My website was much easier to develop as a mature designer, than it would have been had I been new. Our customers (we never referred to them as users, even though they were all internal university personnel) appreciated the information presented on the website and made use of it. It helped reduce support calls as well as enabled us to fill training classes. Understanding what is needed and how to present it makes it easy on the developer as well as the customer.


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