Redish Chapter 4: Home Pages – To Infinity and Beyond

In the Social Media class, we did an extensive review and analysis of the Technical Communication website. This included all of the pages that linked to the Technical Communication’s main page. One of the most stunning things we identified was the fact that the MSU, Mankato’s Technical Communication home page was 14 pages in length, if you were to use the page down button. I’d hate to see how many pages it would be, if someone tried to print it. For anyone wanting to use a smart phone or small tablet, that page would be prohibitively long to view.

In addition to length, we found information on the home page that dated back to 2010. Fortunately for us, today’s page is much shorter and the information has been updated. We learned a valuable lesson from this exercise. It is important to keep information updated on a website. However, it takes time and effort to constantly update and refresh content. This is where keeping things short and sweet comes into play. It not only makes it easier for the visitor, it makes life a lot easier for the person who must maintain the content on the site. The less clutter and garbage there is to maintain, the less bogged down everyone becomes.


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