Chapter 8: Titles versus Headings

In writing for the web, there is a distinct different between titles and headings. There is only one title for a site, but there can be numerous headings within a site. In addition a title has only one level, the top level. Headings are number 1 through 6, denoting decreasing sizes and emphasis, with H1 being the highest level and H6 as the lowest.

On the Internet, titles are specific identifier for the overall site. For instance, TechWhirl is the title of a site devoted to technical communication, content management and other topics pertinent to the technical communication field. Within the site, there are headings that identify different sections such as Content Management, Technical Communication, Technical Writing, Magazine, News and Business Expo. Dropdown menus below each of these headings reveal subheadings for various areas and topics below each category. These subheadings would be identified by lower level heading formatting, such as H2 through H6. H1 headings are the “first level … of your content.” (157)

Headings are important and useful for a variety of things. They enable search engine optimization (SEO), which can drive traffic to a site. Headings also lead people to the content they are seeking. Headings can be a statement, question or “call to action.” (158) Heading aid and drive navigation through a site.



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