Wiki Writing: McCorkle: GlossaTechnologia

McCorkle discusses using a wiki for the GlossaTechnologia project, a resource wiki for an electronic version of an annotated bibliography. There are two issues McCorkle identifies in getting a wiki started and making a wiki project successful. These issues are 1) getting people actively involved in the project, and 2) keeping the project going and growing. This reminds me of a project that grew out of a whole class assignment in our Fall 2012 Social Media class.

Like McCorkle, our Social Media class spent a good deal of time identifying the correct platform for our social media project. We weighed a lot of the same factors as McCorkle, such as function, categories, organization and “strategies to maintain site cohesion.” (220) In the end, we determined that LinkedIn was the correct platform for a MSU, Mankato Technical Communication group. It have the right amount of security, while being open enough to invite in those we wanted to participate.

Getting the LinkIn group started was easy. Dr. Perbix created it and sent invitations for us to join. From there, we had great hopes that the group would take off. To date, the group has 68 members. That really is quite good, considering the original intention was to have the group announced at the beginning of each semester, in each class, so students would become aware of its existence. So far, I am unaware of anyone announcing its existence. I can only hope that the momentum that has helped the group grow to 68 members will keep it alive and growing.


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