Wiki Writing: Whipple: An (Ole) First-Timer’s Learning Curve

I’m a wiki novice myself, and yet I’ve had two semesters to get familiar with using a wiki. Have we, in either class, used the wiki as a wiki? Not really. In my first class using a wiki, we created help topics and also used the wiki to post policies for online students. The only thing collaborative was the location of the documents, and the fact that we attempted to make our individual documents look alike, for cohesion on the wiki. The policies for online students ended up being one document that was separated into different parts to be written by each student. We then put the entire thing together as one document and published it on the wiki. Again, the platform was a wiki, but the document could have been published via email, a blog, D2L discussion board or Google Docs. It wasn’t a true wiki collaborative work.

In this class, we have a wiki to apply what we are reading in the two books. So far, my group has managed to create individual profile pages and post comments about presentation on the discussion page. A page for Technical Communication references has been created. Only one member of the team has posted anything so far. It remains to be seen whether anyone else will participate before the end of the class. Another team member posted the syllabus in sections and the time and effort worksheet. As an overall statement, the wiki has been more of individual web pages or documents, than any collaborative work in true wiki fashion. So, like the author, we haven’t “used the wiki as a wiki.” (227)


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